Syracuse Auto Expo | February 10-13th 2022

New Dates for

The Syracuse Auto Expo

February 10-13th, 2022

SADA President and SADA Charity Preview Co-Chair Rich Burritt made the announcement. “Our team has spent the last few months planning an Auto Show we hoped would happen in September 2021. We take great pride in producing an event that has become so important to the people, businesses and charities of Syracuse and Central New York. Because of the uncertainty of events in September, we’ve decided to return to our original show dates in February of 2022.” – Find out more here

Opening night will be the Auto Expo Charity Preview on February 9th.

The Charity Preview tickets will be $150 per person. Sponsorship rates are:

If you’d like to purchase a ticket you can print a response form here and mail it to the Syracuse Auto Expo.

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Looking to sponsor the Syracuse Charity Preview? Get details here.

Oncenter:  800 South State Street, Syracuse, New York 13202

Oncenter Box Office – 315-435-2121